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Steven J. Mepham

For a number of months now I have been considering opening a Patreon for the site. The main intent is to provide a means to promote and build a community around what I do and while doing so – hopefully cover the running costs of the site. Today after much debate I launched my Patreon!

Check it out!

How will this affect the site?

The short answer to this is it won’t. I plan on giving early access and topic direction to any patrons. As such all posts that would have been launched immediately will launch only for patrons in the first instance and then for everyone else 14 days later. This will not transition immediately and will depend on the post topic and will be limited to reviews and exposition posts. I anticipate it will be a while yet before new posts become patron locked.

I will continue to write and launch posts about my life and things outside of my creative pursuits immediately to all. This does also mean there will be more posts as I am committing myself to a minimum of two posts per month for the time being.

Future planned posts:

  • Cape of Spirits Season 2 Episode exploration and Review – Weekly
  • Castle Swimmer Season 2 Episode exploration and review – Weekly
  • Castle Swimmer: A look at Siren and Kappa
  • The Dragon Prince: Season 3 Review.
  • The Dragon Prince: Was Kasef a wasted Asset?
  • The Fantasy Trope: Elves

Write soon,


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