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Steven J. Mepham



Episode 46

Episode 46 is a calm affair following the revelations of episode forty-five. It hovers as a tenuous link between what has come before and what is yet to come. The tonal shift and sudden pace change this episode brings is a welcome one. The episode opens on a view of the night sky, against the shadow silhouette of Marius’ hut and the distant lights of Mapulehu before shifting to a lit visage of Jinsei and co enjoying a feast while Weret looks on. The only omission is Seven who is charging ready for the mission. Despite the impending urgency of the path ahead, the atmosphere between Jinsei, Weret and the others is relaxed, though evidence of their brutal training in previous episodes remains. It is a nice touch and the banter that flows between the group is natural giving a nice respite.

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