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Steven J. Mepham

Steven Mepham was born in Hastings, England and grew up in and around East Sussex, where he lived with his Parents, older brother and younger sister. During his childhood, his family frequently moved around, never quite settling to have a ‘family home. In later years, he came to consider this to his advantage, due to his experience living in town, village and even a small hamlet.

In 2007 he moved to Manchester to study a BA(hons) English and Creative Writing. His university career could be described as rocky at best, but five years on he Graduated with a 2:1. He graduated from his MA in 2017.

Steven’s interest in writing came at an early age; after reading Tove Janson’s Finn Family Moomintroll. He started writing narratives when he was nine, but did not move onto full creative pieces until he was eleven. At fourteen, he began to develop the concept that would form his first novel: The Scion of Balance.

When Steven is not writing, he can be found reading, playing computer games and socialising with his friends in and around the Manchester area.

Steven’s other works include: – Hope, Peridytus and Memories of that day.

Current Projects: –

  • The Evoker


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