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Steven J. Mepham

Warning: Contains some spoilers for season one and two of The Dragon Prince.

After what seems like an eternity of waiting. The Dragon Prince season 3 release date has been confirmed as 22 November 2019. The last time we left Xadia and Katolis, Callum and Rayla had crossed the border into Xadia while Ezran, Bait and Corvus began the long trek back to Katorlis and the throne. Soren, recently healed by Claudia was making his own journey homeward. While Viren had been captured and presumably interred in the dungeon. One of the last scenes, shows a soldier finding the passage to Virens hidden cells, so we can be certain that Gren will be released soon.

So the summary out of the way, here are a few thoughts around what my hopes are with season three.

The Release of Runaan
Runaaan has been sealed inside a coin since the season one episode eight. Though he is by no means a pure character, for me he is one of the most interesting. We know from snippets in the show and the sketches on episode credits that he and Rayla have a deep connection. I really hope he is freed from his internment, though how will depend on whether he was physically trapped within the coin, or if only his soul was. If its the latter, the chance of his survival goes down, unless of course, his body is still alive. Viren shows no qualms at using the bits of magical creatures to fuel his spells, so i doubt he left a soulless body hanging around when he could have used it for something. Then again he does seem a meticulous planner, so maybe he would keep it purely for the sake of having it around in case it is needed. Season two finale shows him using the bones and ashes of the other Moonshadow Elves who expired in season one to create wraiths to send at the other human kingdoms. I can only hope that Runaan pulls through. I am intrigued by how Runaan will react to the choices Rayla has made. He is the first Xadian face of authority we encounter and to me represents the complexity of the human and Xadian conflict. Though harsh, it is clear that Runaan cares for Rayla, but he is also set in the ways of the past. A change in his outlook would be very symbolic indeed. I have always been curious as to how on the official website, he like the other central characters have a full character expose, whereas arguably more prevalent characters have simple text descriptions. I could be grasping at straws, but I think that perhaps there is a reason for this and there is a part yet for Runaan to play in future.

More Xadian culture
Given that last time we saw Rayla, Zym and Callum they had just taken the first tentative steps into Xadia, a place we have heard a lot about, but seen little of. I think its pretty much guaranteed we will get more exposition around Xadia itself. But I would really like to see and learn about the other Elven cultures. Currently, we know a lot about the Moonshadow elves and a little bit about the Sunfire Elves, of the rest little is known beyond their names. We also do not know if the assassin and illusions of the Moonshadow elves are prevalent throughout its culture or merely strands of an even larger beast. If possible it would be good to get further information.

It goes without saying that by far Aaravos is among the greatest mysteries in The Dragon Prince universe. Who is this mysterious Startouched Elf? What are his motivations and is he ultimately a friend or foe. We have a lot of conflicting information around him. The biggest question I would like to know is why he was trapped in the mirror (if indeed he is trapped there) and why he would help Viren.

Primal and Dark Magic
Season two did a great job of laying out the ground rules of performing Primal Magic and the price of using Dark magic (Season one covered Dark Magic pretty well.) But there is still a lot we don’t know. As Callum continues his journey, I hope that we uncover more around the different primal Arcanums and the limitations of this power. One thing we do know is that primal magic is stronger the closer it is to its primal source. But what are the capabilities of each source? Can two Primal magics be combined to create even greater spells? It’s currently implied that this is not the case, or at the very least is only possible for Aaravos. Then there is the mystery of that key. What exactly is it and why did it end up being passed down through a human family?

For Dark Magic, I want to see more around its cost. We have seen the long term corruption on Viren and started to see them in Claudia, but I wonder whether there is a means to reverse or mitigate its effects? Is there a point where a Dark Mage can take no more of the adverse effect? The limitations of Dark Magic seem to be in the availability of creatures which fuel it. But are there other limits that we just don’t know? either way, the more we learn about it the better.

Rayla and Callum Relationship
Rayla and Callum’s relationship in many ways represents their species. Both are different and misunderstand each other, both have flaws, but ultimately seem drawn to each other. As series one and two has progressed, we have witnessed Rayla and Callum grow. Seen them go from enemies to friends to perhaps the budding potential for something more. It is a map that shows that if Elves and Human put aside their differences and see each other not as the monsters from their childhood tales but as beings capable of much more, then perhaps a better path can be found.

Whatever happens, if season three follows the trend of its predecessors, it will be an amazing journey. One I will enjoy. Whether all or none of these wants are fulfilled, I know the series will be one to remember and enjoy for many months and years to come. Now if only we can convince Netflix to continue the series for as many seasons as the creators need. 22 November seems incredibly close, but also acutely far away.

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