Month: July 2013

Fantasy fiction writer, reviewer, reader and Gamer

Who am I and Why do I write?

I have been looking at my old writing and feel a bit impressed with myself. Its been years since I have looked at some of these things and the strange thing is, I don’t recognise my style at all. Many are written clearly by a younger, less mature but ultimately more experimental version of me.…
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A discussion on Creative Writing…

For almost as long as I can remember, whenever I have mentioned to people that I write – they always seem to say some derivative of “I don’t know how you do it.”

Woods in Darkness

  Here’s a poem I wrote about a year ago…

After Six years of playing World of Warcraft has the end finally come?

Back in January 2007 an old friend of mine introduced me to World of Warcraft. I recall with relish, his excitement over the release of the first Expansion: the Burning Crusade.

Book Review: The Age of Five Trilogy

The Age of the Five Trilogy by Trudi Canavan is the second series written by the Australian fantasy author.  While set as a trilogy of three volumes; Priestess Of The White, Last Of The Wilds and Voice Of The Gods, The Age of the Five Trilogy works more as a single volume, as the individual…
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